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Solutions For Shippers

imageFortune 500 Solutions With a Small Business Commitment:

Started in 2013, Boss Logistics was built on a foundation encompassing 15+ years of industry experience. We are a premier third-party logistics (3PL) broker that facilitates and coordinates truckload transportation services across North America. We position ourselves as a true partner in your organization. Supported by our world-class 'team behind the scenes'; your dedicated representative serves as a single point-of-contact so you won't get the run-a-round. We leverage relationships we've built with thousands of pre-qualified carriers, so we can solve any problems you are facing at a level of service you won't find anywhere else.

Dependable, Proactive, & Straightforward - It's In Our Fuel

When we accept a load, we deliver it. We are upfront and straight forward with communication, rates, carrier quality, load tracking, ETAs, PODs, and invoicing. Our model is built around service, enabling us to meet the needs of you and your customers. We've invested in custom load software, GPS tracking, phone systems, and carrier performance ratings to minimize potential issues, and be proactive if they do arise. You won't be lost in a house of mirrors when you partner with Boss.

Our Advantages

Customized Solutions
Give us your problems and we'll give you the right solutions. We have the know-all to customize solutions that can solve any puzzles you have. From blind shipments, to multi-pick and drop... Fragile to heavy haul... we can handle it all. We're your missing piece.
Carrier Relationships
There's a reason thousands of carriers choose to haul for Boss vs. the top 10 brokerages. We've built strong relationships focused on service with our carrier partners. We are able to leverage our relationships to meet your seasonal fluctuations, even when markets are tight.
Level of Service
We are working hard around the clock - so you don't have to be. Your dedicated account rep is supported by our 'team behind the scenes' to ensure we are providing you the service you'll come to expect 24/7/365

Partner Perspective

Redefining 3PL - '3rd Partner Logistics'

Shippers are attracted to Boss because we provide Fortune 500 solutions with a personalized, small business touch. Your success is our success, which is why we integrate into your organization to identify areas we can minimize inefficiencies. Our account executive will partner with your shipping managers to ensure we are surpassing needs and expectations to make your business run. We pride ourselves on providing a level of service you won't find at a mega brokerage - who often tends to pass you around like a commodity.

Industries We Serve

If it fits on a truck, we can move it

Because each client is unique, we've garnered the know-all and adaptability to service anyone and anything. Over time, our repeat experience in diverse industries has developed into expertise, giving Boss the competitive advantage among other brokers. Here are just a few of the industries and special requirements we serve: