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About Boss

imageBoss Logistics, LLC is a premier third-party logistics (3PL) intermediary / freight broker.

Started in 2013, Boss Logistics was built on a foundation encompassing over 15 years of industry experience. Our co-founders' mutual vision was to build a trusted and reliable brokerage that places integrity and customer service first. Since our inception, we've grown into a multi-million dollar company facilitating and coordinating truckload transportation services for thousands of clients across North America. Leveraging our carrier partner network to optimize efficiencies is just one of the many ways Boss works smarter to provide solutions for our clients. Our relentless commitment to providing an indisputable pinnacle experience, for clients and carriers, is the keystone to our success. We look forward to partnering with you and growing together.

Our Advantages

Our People
A great company is only great if it has great people. That's why Boss only hires the best talent. We are respectful. We are hard working. And we are committed to our clients, our carriers, and our company.
24/7/365 Availability
Weekends. Holidays. After-hours. The World never closes and neither does Boss. We know how important shipments are to our clients and that is why Boss is committed to 24/7/365 availability. Our work never stops to ensure yours can. It's just one more reason our clients have peace of mind.
Our service is un-matched. We've invested in the right people, custom software, GPS tracking services, and developed relationships with thousands of shippers, receivers, and qualified carriers. We're reliable, resourceful, pro-active, and pay attention to detail. Our approach with clients and carriers is a partnership, and we look forward to partnering with you too.